MABOflex fisio

Non-greasy texture and rapid absorption

MABOflex fisio

CN: 194581.5 y 194582.2

It is a cream for muscular massage with a high concentration of vegetal actives and collagen peptides.
MABO FLEX fisio application provides the right preparation for muscles and ligaments before exercise and a natural prevention of muscle and joint discomfort.

Arnica extract
Calendula extract


Balanced formulation
ARNICA EXTRACT It is used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially in the relief of contusions CALENDULA EXTRACT Topic anti-inflammatory. Reduces inflammation and soothes tissues MENTHOL OIL Provides refreshing effect on skin and helps to reduce inflammation and pain. Potent antiseptic. HIPERICUM EXTRACT Reliefs back pain, as well as sciatica and those caused by bumps or sprains BIOASSIMILABLE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES (Hydrolyzed collagen) It substantially reduces skin irritation.
How to use
Gently apply over the affected area, with a light massage to enhance its absorption.
75ml and 250ml cream. MABOflex fisio 75ml CN:194581.5 | MABOflex fisio 250ml CN:194582.2
Recommended for
People experiencing muscle and/or joint discomfort Relief of contusions and sprains