MABOtuss Kids syrup

Calms and relieves cough

MABOtuss Kids syrup

CN: 200298

MABOtuss Kids SYRUP is a food supplement formed by natural ingredients, traditionally used to relieve dry and productive cough, as well as to help eliminate bronchial mucus.

Calms and relieves cough
Helps eliminate bronchial mucus

Take 3 times a day


Syrup 150ml

Balanced formula
Complete formula formed by natural ingredients with a triple action effect: 1.Calms and relieves dry cough 2.Calms and relieves productive cough 3.Helps eliminate bronchial mucus -High concentrated formula of Llanten, Grindelia and Helicriso, which help achieve an effective relief of dry and productive cough. -Empowered by Propolis, a natural and effective antibiotic against specific throat virus and bacteria. -Thyme honey and eucalyptus extract work as an amazing expectorant and, also contributes to the protection of the mucosa, avoiding this way its irritation.
How to take it
Kids between 3-6 years old: Take 5ml 3 times a day. Kids older than 6: Take 10 m 3 times a day.
MABOtuss Kids SYRUP 150ml. Strawberry flavor.
Recommended for
Children from 3 years with dry and productive cough.