How to lower cholesterol in a natural way.

How to lower cholesterol in a natural way.
If your cholesterol level are a little high and you want to reduce it, this is the post for you.
We all know that ’cholesterol is not good’. But ... Do we really know what it is about and the implications it has?
The human body produces the cholesterol it needs, just like other animals. Through food of animal origin (meat, eggs, cheese ...) we also ingest cholesterol.
Why should we keep our cholesterol at bay?
If a lot of cholesterol circulates in the blood, it tends to accumulate in the walls of the arteries forming plaques, a process called atherosclerosis. Imagine a flow of water trying to move with difficulty through a pipe with dirt stuck to its walls.
In the case of our arteries, the flow of blood is diminished as more plaques form. Hence, there may be a greater risk of suffering from different heart problems, angina or myocardial infarction.
Different types of cholesterol
Cholesterol is a lipoprotein, that is, a fatty acid linked to a protein that facilitates its transport through the blood. The fact that there are proteins of different densities, there are different types of cholesterol:
• HDL ("good"): high density lipoprotein. Collect the cholesterol distributed by the body and return it to the liver.

• LDL ("bad"): low density lipoprotein. Contributes to the formation of atheromatous plaque.

• VLDL: very low density lipoprotein. It also contributes to the atherosclerosis process. The difference with LDL is that VLDL transports triglycerides while LDL transports cholesterol.

• Triglycerides: are a type of fatty acid that comes from the diet and that the body generates from extra fat in the diet.

What to do to lower blood cholesterol levels.
Do not panic, there are many things in your hand that you can do even if you suffer from familial hypercholesterolemia (a genetic condition) or you produce more cholesterol than normal.
To perform physical exercise regularly, to lose weight and to eat a healthy diet are the three pillars to keep cholesterol low.
Prepared food, ultra-processed products, fried foods and industrial pastries are full of saturated fats: avoid them. Products of this type (that are not food) are overflowing with sugar, salt or sweeteners. Also, consuming large amounts of meat on a regular basis can increase cholesterol.
Physical exercise has multiple benefits, especially at the mental and physical levels. In addition, it has been detected that it helps to lower cholesterol, increasing HDL or "good" cholesterol.
Natural ingredients that help lower cholesterol
So, you take care of yourself, you eat well, you move, in the analysis you get cholesterol a little high but you do not want to medicate. Does this situation sound familiar to you?
There are numerous ingredients of plant origin that together with a healthy life can help regulate blood cholesterol levels. The food supplements available in the market are made with combinations of these ingredients.
Their mechanisms of action are different but all have the same purpose, to lower total cholesterol. Some act on the cholesterol ingested in the diet, others on our own production or on both.
• Policosanols. They inhibit endogenous LDL synthesis and reduce the cholesterol ingested in the diet.
• Red rice yeast. Its active principle, monacolin K, inhibits the endogenous synthesis of cholesterol. The chemical structure of monacolin K is identical to the active substance lovastatin, a type of drug of the statin family indicated in hypercholesterolemia. Obviously, the difference between a medicine and a food supplement will be the amount of monacolin K that each one contains.
• Berberina. It reduces total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL and increases HDL. In addition, it has a positive influence on the regulation of blood sugar levels. As you can see, berberine is one of the most complete natural ingredients that we can find in the market.
• Folic acid. Decreases plasma homocysteine levels, prevents oxidation of fats and acts as a powerful antioxidant.
• Coenzyme Q10. Antioxidant produced endogenously by the body. It helps regulate blood pressure.
• Astaxanthin. Antioxidant and protector of cellular damage produced by oxidative stress. Protect our arteries
Finally, please notice that any medicine or food supplement which you use to reduce cholesterol should be taken at night to coincide with the maximum peak of blood cholesterol.